CURLY HEADS is a group of five friends from school, who are currently living their dream of real music career. After their singer’s solo project’s enormous success now it is their turn.

Their debut album ‘Ruby Dress Skinny Dog’ was released in October 2014. It is full of rock sounds, ease and pugnacious vocal. The single promoting the album is Reconcile with a videoclip starring actors known from Polish movies.

‘Ruby Dress Skinny Dog’, which finally became the Gold Record, was listed in many charts as one of the best music albums of 2014 – both in commercial and independent media. So was Reconcile videoclip and even the album’s cover. Curly Heads have been mentioned among the best debuts in Poland and they are looking forward to find their way abroad.

Band members:

Dawid Podsiadło – vocal

Oskar Bała – guitar

Tomek Szuliński – guitar

Tomek Skuta – bass

Damian Lis – drums